Royale RDX Base

Available Interior Colors Available Exterior Colors
Parchment Prem Perforated Platinum White Pearl
bony Prem Perforated Mil Majestic Black Pearl
  Modern Steel Metallic
  Lunar Silver Metallic


Royale MDX 3.5L SH-AWD

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Royale MDX Advance SH-AWD

This video describes what you get with the 2020 Acura MDX Advanced. The advanced is the top trim level of the MDX and comes with many amazing different features. This is your "all the bells and whistles" option. The leather has been upgraded once more for ultra soft milano leather with contrast stitching and piping. The upgraded wood console and captain's chairs make this a breath taking interior... but just wait until you feel the upgraded suspension on the road, you will think you're driving on air!

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