Royale ILX Technology Package

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Royale ILX Premium

Eager to prove that its entry-level offering is more then just a fancy Civic, Acura gives its smallest offering the refresh it needed with the 2016 ILX. Highlights include standard LED headlights, an all-new powertrain, a quieter and more luxurious cabin, and the complete suite of Acura Watch safety

Royale ILX Base

2019/2020 Acura ILX Review, a luxury car that is on a budget. I have driven many Acura cars like the TSX, TL, and TLX however, the Acura ILX is the cheapest new luxury car you can buy. In this Acura ILX review we look at the 2019 Acura ILX which is the same car as the 2020 Acura ILX.

Royale ILX A-Spec

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Available Interior Colors Available Exterior Colors
Red Prem Perforated Milan Modern Steel Metallic
Ebony Lthette-Trmmed Platinum White Pearl
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